Workers’ Compensation

Examining the Validity of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Surveillance Services


Benefits: "A vital tool for evaluating and defending claims"

Surveillance is an on-site investigation that utilizes state-of-the-art video equipment to document information concerning an individual's ongoing activity, physical health, appearance, location, and/or employment. Defense Litigation Group, Inc. recognizes that a well-documented surveillance video can be a vital tool for evaluating and defending claims. We also understand that when clients choose to conduct surveillance, they are entrusting us with an investment and expect results utilizing all reasonable investigative techniques available.


Defense Litigation Group, Inc. provides an investigation with a more personal touch. We specialize in Workers' Compensation and Insurance Defense. We are a preferred investigation company for many Fortune 500 and top insurance companies. We have been servicing clients in Florida since 2002.'

We provide timely detailed reports to include color photographs. When able, we obtain video documentation. Our team collects unbiased, courtroom-admissible evidence.

Estimated Cost:

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  • Helpful in the Following Service Areas:

  • Products Liability

  • Insurance Defense

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Premises Liability

  • Security Negligence

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Asbestos/Toxic Tort

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

Workers’ compensation programs and laws are designed to protect employees who are injured during the course of their work. Unfortunately, the reality is that some individuals file fraudulent workers’ compensation claims in hopes of collecting insurance payouts, even though no actual injury or loss occurred on the job.

These claims can be extremely costly. We offer several investigative services to assist employers, and their insurers, to identify and combat workers’ compensation fraud. Each of these services can be utilized individually or combined to maximize the detection of fraud.

Our Workers’ Compensation Fraud Offerings Include:

  • Surveillance

  • Employee statements

  • Witness statements

  • Scene inspections

  • Safety regulation research

  • Background investigations

  • Prior claims research