Insurance Investigations

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Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud can come in many forms. Measuring the true financial effect of insurance fraud may be impossible. Many analysts believe the cost of insurance fraud is in the billions of dollars and accounts for upwards of twenty percent of the total amount paid for claims.

While it is important to detect and contest insurance fraud, it is just as important to identify legitimate claims. Our goal is to assist insurance representatives in their quest to obtain information that will allow them to fully assess the validity of claims, and subsequently make informed decisions. We want to provide insurance representatives with the information they need to determine the financial liability related to every claim.

We are trained to investigate many types of insurance matters. We utilize a similar process for every investigation. The first step is to understand the claims that have been made. We, then tailor our investigation around obtaining facts that will help determine the credibility of the claims and the claimant.

  • Our Insurance Offerings Include:

  • Witness Statements

  • Insured Statements

  • Surveillance

  • Background Investigations

  • Title Investigations

  • Experienced in Legal Areas Including:

  • Security Negligence

  • Premise Liability

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Workers’ Compensation

Premise Liability Investigations

Premise liability claims come in many forms, each of which warrants a unique investigative approach. Investigators at Defense Litigation Group, Inc. understand the identifiable information needed for different types of premise liability cases. They are trained to tailor their investigation to anything from common slip and fall cases to complex dram shop matters. We understand the different levels of responsibilities that the property owner has to invitees, licensees, and trespassers.

Slip and fall incidents are common. Regrettably, the injuries sustained related to these incidents are often embellished. Many people involved in slip and falls are “professional claimants.” Subsequently, background investigations are often an important component of any premise liability matter. We have varying levels of background investigations that can help our clients determine the credibility of any claimant.

Our Premise Liability Offerings Include:

  • Employee statements

  • Witness statements

  • Scene inspections

  • Background investigations

  • Prior claims research

  • Surveillance

Security Negligence Investigations

Unfortunately, violent crimes occur in our society. Security negligence claims associated with such crimes have increased dramatically over the last several years. Plaintiffs have increasingly tried to shift the blame for a crime from the criminal to the property owner, regardless of whether any actions taken by the property owner could have prevented the incident.

Security negligence claims are becoming common in all types of commercial properties, including retail centers, apartments, and convenience stores. Business owners are expected to provide a reasonable level of security related to the type of business they are operating. However, there are only certain circumstances under which a business is expected to implement security measures. Experienced investigators can help document security measures taken by property owners prior to a crime, which combined with witness statements and law enforcement records may confirm that the criminal is the sole responsible party.

  • Our Security Negligence Offerings Include:

  • Employee statements

  • Witness statements

  • Law Enforcement statements

  • Scene inspection

  • Surveillance