Surveillance Division Offers “Fresh Perspective”

New Surveillance Division

2014 was a big year for Defense Litigation Group. In an effort to continually improve and streamline our services we created a separate surveillance division dedicated solely to our surveillance services. As an investigative firm that specializes in Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Defense, and with insurance fraud continually on the rise, surveillance is a vital tool we offer clients to assist in the evaluation and defense of claims.

Surveillance Division by Defense Litigation Group Offers a "Fresh Perspective"

Our surveillance division offers on-site investigations, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, to document information concerning an individual’s ongoing activity, physical health, appearance, location and/or employment. We strive to offer clients a fresh perspective through the utilization of all reasonable investigative techniques available.

All surveillance assignments receive timely, detailed reports to include color photographs and, when able, video documentation. If you need surveillance, contact us for an investigation with a more personal touch.

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