Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud can come in many forms. Measuring the true financial effect of insurance fraud may be impossible. Many analysts believe the cost of insurance fraud is in the billions of dollars, and accounts for upwards of twenty percent of the total amount paid for claims.

While it is important to detect and contest insurance fraud, it is just as important to identify legitimate claims. Our goal is to assist insurance representatives in their quest to obtain information that will allow them to fully assess the validity of claims, and subsequently make informed decisions. We want to provide insurance representatives the information they need to determine the financial liability related to every claim.

We are trained to investigate many types of insurance matters. We utilize a similar process for every investigation. The first step is to understand the claims that have been made. We then tailor our investigation around obtaining facts that will help determine the credibility of the claims and the claimant.

Our Insurance Offerings Include:

  • Witness Statements
  • Insured Statements
  • Surveillance
  • Background Investigations
  • Title Investigations

Experienced in Legal Areas Including:

  • Security Negligence
  • Premise Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workers’ Compensation