Background Investigations

Background information is an integral part of any investigation. In an attempt to satisfy our many diverse clients, we offer 3 levels of this research. Some clients request database and online searches. These searches quickly provide key information at an affordable price. This typically includes obtaining a current address and assisting with process service.

The Preliminary Background Research report is one of our new products. For this report, skilled investigators search numerous proprietary and online databases for relevant information. Research is also conducted with a variety of federal, state and local government offices. The report is completed and returned electronically within 10 business days. This report is a “best value in the market” when considering the cost to information ratio. Please contact us to obtain a complete sample of this report and listing of all the information searched on the subject.

Our highest level of detailed background investigations are performed on most all multi-million dollar cases. Given the potential outcome, this information is critical, as it can dramatically alter the direction of any case. In addition to the research noted above, our trained investigators “hand search” all federal, state and local governments, as well as law enforcement agencies. All information is compiled into clear and comprehensive reports.

Another relatively new but highly effective report is our Cyber Footprint Public Profile. A team of skilled investigators will research numerous online websites and databases to identify publicly available content. As with our other offerings, the information is compiled into a comprehensive report.

Our Background Investigation Offerings Include:

  • Database and online searches
  • Individual Profile Report (IPR)
  • Detailed background investigations
  • Public records
  • Surveillance
  • Pre-employment screening