DLG Recommended Reading: Workers’ Compensation and the NFL

football-78394_1280Ex-NFL player, now Tampa personal injury attorney, Brad Culpepper’s story of participating on the rigorous reality TV show Survivor after receiving a workers’ compensation settlement 2 years prior highlights several issues for insurance companies in the area of workers’ compensation. DLG recommends reading the below linked articles from Business Insurance:


“After leaving his mark on professional football and starring on a reality TV show, Tampa, Florida, personal injury attorney Brad Culpepper is making a name for himself in the world of workers compensation fraud.

The former National Football League defensive tackle who received a $175,000 workers compensation disability settlement in 2011 in California, a state where he never played or lived, is now being accused of faking his injuries.”

Read the full article at Business Insurance: “Insurer trying to sack former NFL player, reality TV star”


Also check out…


“A former football star is taking to the airwaves and flexing his muscles to prove he didn’t commit insurance fraud.

Former NFL defensive lineman Brad Culpepper stripped down to his undershirt during a televised interview this week in an attempt to convey the extent of his injuries to ABC News reporter Brian Ross. “Is that normal?” Mr. Culpepper asked, displaying a grotesquely torn bicep to the notoriously skeptical Mr. Ross.”

Read the full article at: Business Insurance: “Ex-NFL lineman defends his comp award despite ‘Survivor’ stint”