DLG Recommended Reading: U.S. Court Statistics Show Growth in Civil Filings

SONY DSCA recent Wall Street Journal post comparison shows that while criminal defendant filings decreased in 2014, civil filings increased. The U.S. statistics on federal district court filings show an increase of 4%. Statistics also show that of the increase in 2014, products liability cases grew 20% at the federal level. Check out the full WSJ post at:


You can also see the full statistics published by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts at:


http://www.uscourts.gov/Statistics/JudicialBusiness/2014/us-district-courts.aspx (Details on District Courts)

DLG also recommends an article in the Insurance Journal that discusses a renewal of high punitive and compensatory jury awards in Products Liability cases and how a growing bias against corporations might foster a climate conducive to plaintiffs. Check out the full Insurance Journal article at:


With an increasing docket of products liability cases and a culture of anti-company sentiment, Defense Litigation Group’s highly trained investigators can help get you the information you need to defend against your products liability cases.