DLG Recommended Reading: Insurance Scam

auto-515749_1280Insurance fraud is an ever increasing problem in our country. In the news recently is the story of one man who has now been sentenced to prison for 10 years for his car accident scheme to collect insurance money for fake injuries. For more details, DLG recommends the following article:

“According to prosecutors, Jean, of West Hempstead, was involved in more than 30 crashes with innocent third parties over a five-year period, and then fraudulently obtained insurance benefits based on unnecessary medical treatments he secured for co-conspirators.

Prosecutors said after the crashes, Jean took his co-conspirators to corrupt medical clinics and directed them to submit to unnecessary treatment, including unnecessary surgeries, for their non-existent injuries, so that the treatments could be billed to car insurance companies.

Over the course of the five-year scam, Jean and his co-conspirators filed over $1.5 million in fraudulent insurance claims.”

… Read the full article at: Courthouse News Service

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