Another Surveillance Success

camera-602625_1280Defense Litigation Group was recently retained to conduct surveillance on a former National Football League player making a multimillion dollar claim against a doctor that had performed surgery to help the player return to the field. According to the Complaint, the player had lost some use of extremities as a result of the surgery.

The client wanted to obtain video of the player, but knew he lived in an expensive gated and guarded community which would limit surveillance efforts. In discussions with the client, it was learned that the player was traveling from South Florida on a specific date. No other details were known. The client approved the use of 9 investigators positioned at strategic locations around South Florida, including all three major airports. Video was ultimately obtained of the subject fully utilizing all of his extremities as he spent time with his family and later carried heavy luggage through an airport.

Once our client showed the video to the player, and his attorney, the player had to admit to his current ability to use all of his extremities. The claims were dramatically reduced by the player as a result of the successful surveillance.

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